Field Studies in Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Vermont; 
  Melanie Putz Brotz, RD
Burlington, Vermont

2018 Calendar of Field Studies outdoor workshops & classes   
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An afternoon of Harvesting and Appreciating the Gifts of Japanese Knotweed 
Sunday, May 6th from 4:00-5:30 at 
Rock Point in Burlington. Japanese Knotweed is designated a non-native invasive plant, and is the focus of expensive (and often futile) removal efforts across the state. It is also a prime edible wild plant, loaded with nutrients and healing properties. With permission from the land managers at Rock Point, we will be digging roots and shoots from an approved area, both as a removal/containment project for Rock Point, and as a food and medicine making event for ourselves.  
Melanie Brotz, RD - community herbalist and registered dietitian- will provide information on the culinary and healing qualities of Japanese Knotweed, including how to make tincture from the root. Then we will have the opportunity to dig/harvest as from this site; please bring a full sized spade/shovel, and buckets and bags to take your harvest home.  

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 Sampling of Wild Plant workshops, plant walks, and Field Studies & immersion classes available:

Spring Greens and Culinary Weeds
Wild Plant Walk and taste-testing in the Intervale  Farm region- Burlington
-$15-20. sliding scale

Tincture-making 101
A hands-on introduction to the art 
of making herbal extracts from
 local plants
Participants will go home with 4 ounces of a tincture-in-progress of their choice.
$20.  Burlington​
Date: TBA

"Wild Sisters"- an introduction to the culinary and medicinal weeds of my neighborhood; a hyper-localvore adventure.  We will be finding delicious wild plant foods and healing herbs, and taste-testing what we find. 
-$15. Burlington; Date TBA

In Burlington, VT - April, 2018
First Foray - A Wild Food and Medicine Expedition

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
5:00-7:00 pm

Please come ready to walk - we will be moving around quite a bit along the bike path and waterfront.   $20.00

Register through Railyard Herbal Apothecary